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Success Rate

Vasectomy Reversal Success Rates

Vasectomy reversal success rates can be measured two ways:

Patency – the percentage of patients that achieve at least one million motile sperm in an ejaculated specimen within one year after surgery. Dr. Shep’s patency success rate is 98%.  Some couples achieve pregnancy within 5 weeks!


Pregnancy – the percentage of vasectomy reversal patients who achieve pregnancy with no additional assistance. 

Sometimes a patient requires a procedure called a vasoepididymostomy, which is more complicated and technically demanding than the vasovasostomy.  When vasoepididymostomy is required on each side, the patency rate is 70-75%.

Some couples achieve pregnancy within 5 weeks!

Success Rate

In general, success rates will vary by Vasectomy Reversal Physician, based on a number of factors:

The experience and skill level of the surgeon.  Dr. Shep is Fellowship-trained and has helped thousands of couples achieve pregnancy!

The use of a high-power operating microscope for every surgery.  Dr Shep will always perform surgery with the most current operating equipment, including the most current high-powered Zeiss surgical microscope.


The number of years since the patient had their vasectomy (the longer the time, the more likely the patient will require vasoepididymostomy).

Expertise of microsurgical nurses and assistants in the operating room.  Dr. Shep's team is highly-trained in microsurgical vasectomy reversal surgeries.

Age and fertility status of the female partner.

Return Of Fertility
Sperm flow returns immediately in many patients, but can take up to a full year for some. On several occasions, Dr. Shep’s clients have achieved pregnancy in as little as 5 weeks after surgery. It is important to check sperm levels intermittently to be certain that the vasectomy reversal has been successful and to watch for any signs of delayed scarring or worsening sperm counts. Dr. Shep will schedule a semen analysis every 3-4 months for the first year after surgery to monitor progress.


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