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FAQs / Questions To Ask Your Surgeon


Do you use an operating microscope?
Research has shown that microsurgical vasectomy reversal success rates are enhanced if an operating microscope is used. Other types of magnification, such as surgical loupes or eyeglasses, do not provide the precise view necessary to achieve the high success rates attained in major vasectomy reversal microsurgery centers around the world.

Did you complete fellowship training?
"Fellowship" refers to dedicated, specialized training that is obtained following standard residency training. Fellows are dedicated to learning the intricate details of vasectomy reversal microsurgery over a one- to two-year period, acquiring the surgical skills and experience necessary to attain a high level of success.

What type of anesthesia do you prefer?
Vasectomy reversal surgery is usually performed with general (“going to sleep”) anesthesia or occasionally with regional (like an epidural) anesthesia. Local anesthesia is injected around the surgical site to minimize post-operative discomfort.

Do other urologists refer patients to you?
Other urologists in the community and region will recognize true expertise and refer patients to established vasectomy reversal microsurgery centers, especially if the obstructive interval is prolonged or the patient has experienced a previous reversal surgery failure in their practice. Trust the vasectomy reversal surgeon that other urologists trust with their patients.

Are you trained to do vas-to-epididymis reconstructions if necessary?
Many general urologists perform only the standard vas-to-vas reconnections regardless of the quality of the vasal fluid or the obstructive interval. There is no obstructive interval which guarantees that only a vas-to-vas connection will be required. Demand that your surgeon have the ability to perform a vas-to-epididymis connection if required.

Do you use vasal stents or laser molding on your vasectomy reversal surgery?
If the answer to this question is yes, you should seek out another specialist. Many research studies have shown that stents actually decrease the likelihood of success and are never performed by experienced microsurgeons. Laser soldering has been shown to compromise the blood flow to the surgical site, resulting in more damage and lower success rates. No major vasectomy reversal microsurgical centers utilize laser soldering.

Do you offer a fixed, all-inclusive price?
Most high-volume vasectomy reversal centers offer a fixed price that includes all costs for the operating room, anesthesia, and surgeon's fees. Some will also offer a complimentary initial consultation or at least apply the fee for the initial office visit to the overall cost of the surgery.


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