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"I have two kids from a previous marriage. When I remarried, my wife and I decided we wanted children of our own. Unfortunately, I was 44 with a vasectomy, and she was 42, and had never been pregnant. We went to see her ob/gyn, who warned us about our advanced ages, and proceeded to tell us about fertility drugs, treatments like insemination and in-vitro. With the vasectomy intact, it all seemed so complicated. At our age, we just felt like we didn’t want to take a risk.

I Googled for vasectomy reversals online and immediately hit upon Dr. Schrepferman. We made an appointment for a consultation and were really impressed with how confident he was that he could help us. He was very meticulous too, making sure he had all his information and the right pre-tests before the surgery. I could tell right away he was a perfectionist, and that’s a reassuring trait in a doctor. It wasn’t a difficult decision to have the vasectomy reversal surgery, because it clearly was our best chance at conceiving.

A lot of people talk about the recovery being worse for vasectomy reversals, but it was just the opposite for me. It was actually a much easier recovery than the original vasectomy. Two months later I could hardly tell the surgery had taken place. As Dr. Shep promised, my normal functions returned in about 6 weeks. I had the vasectomy reversal in October 2007, and by the end of November 2007, we conceived.

My wife had a normal, full-term pregnancy. We are thrilled to be parents together. The whole process of working with Dr. Shep and his staff was easy, and we were amazed how quick we were able to build our family."



Had vasectomy reversal in 2007

Now has a child born in 2008


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