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Testimonials / Heather & Josh M.

Four children after vasectomy reversal

“We recently saw Dr. Shep for consultation on a vasectomy and thanked him for all that he did with the bypass reversal in 2013. He loved seeing our kids and suggested we send you a few pictures and story for the website.

I'm sure my husband's story is similar to many others. He started having children when he was young and early married. He thought he was done after having three boys so he had a vasectomy. After divorcing, he and I met and starting a family was important to me. We attempted a reversal with another doctor but it was unsuccessful due to so much scar tissue.

We were referred to Dr. Shep and he performed a bypass reversal in 2013. We became pregnant by the end of that year and were so thrilled! On August 12, 2014 we welcomed our daughter Valor Marie, after a very normal pregnancy and vaginal delivery.

After having our first we didn't feel that we needed to worry about getting pregnant so quickly. Because we had tried for so long the first time, it would probably take just as long for a second. We were wrong and quickly became pregnant just 9 months after having Valor.

Our second daughter was born emergency C-section due to a complete placental abruption. It was a very scary experience and unfortunately our little girl, Nova Delaney was born and died on December 7, 2015. She lived just 27 minutes but she was fiercely loved by us.

After our loss we took a break and tried to heal the best we could. We knew life was something precious and we still wanted to grow our family so we were very cautious on our next pregnancy. On March 28, 2017, arriving emergency C-section due to chronic hypertension was our son Phoenix Gray.

In 2019 we got pregnant again; this time would be our last. I had a normal pregnancy and was able to have a VBA2C. We left gender a surprise until baby arrived. We were thrilled to find out on January 23, 2020 we had another girl join the family. Her name is Sequoia Rose.

What Dr. Shep was able to do for us and all our family is remarkable! He gave us four of the most amazing children Josh and I could ever ask for. He showed us we can overcome challenges together and achieve our dreams. Family means the world to me and I really cannot thank him enough for helping us start ours.”


Valor Marie


Nova Delaney


Phoenix Gray


Sequoia Rose


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