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Testimonials / Baby C

"In November 2015, my husband and I traveled over 250 miles to have a vas reversal with Dr. Shep after doing hours of research on who the best doctor was to perform this type of surgery. The surgery went great; however, my husband's numbers never got up as high as Dr. Shep wanted in order for us to conceive naturally. Dr. Shep was completely honest with us and, at one year post reversal, Dr. Shep recommended my husband freeze a specimen in case we wanted to look into the IVF route. It was from one of the two vials frozen that our son was formed. He was born in 2020. I am so thankful for all that Dr. Shep did. Without the vasectomy reversal and recommended frozen specimen by Dr. Shep, this would have never worked. It turns out I had a lot of issues that I was never aware of, including bad eggs at a young age. But...I did get one good egg :-) It worked out great for us though, no matter how long the road was."


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