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Had vasectomy reversal in May 2021


Our story begins like many others. My husband was married before and thought he was finished having children. After we were married for a couple years we decided that we wanted to start a family. His vasectomy was 10 years old. We live in a very rural area and knew very few people that had received a vasectomy much less a reversal. After completing a great deal of research we found Dr. Shep His team was absolutely fantastic from day one. We had no idea what to expect, but they went above and beyond to assist us every step of the way.

His reversal was in May of 2021 and I found out I was pregnant in July. Unfortunately we experienced a miscarriage in August, however we discovered in December we were pregnant again. Our sweet son, Axl was born in August 2022.

With the age of my husband's vasectomy, we doubted the probability of being able to have a family, yet here we are. Dr. Shep is not only the best at what he does but he is also very personable and genuinely cares about his patients. We cannot thank him and his team enough for what they have done for us.


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