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Proud parents to Mayson, born 2010


"My wife and I decided to look into a vasectomy reversal when we decided we really wanted to have a child. We had looked into adoption and foster parenting, but I knew my wife really wanted a child of our own. So I was the one who actually started the process of investigating vasectomy reversals, to see if it was even an option.

I started by talking with my physicians: our family practitioner, my urologist, as well as my wife’s OB/GYN. All said Dr. Shep was the best vasectomy reversal doctor around.

I knew our lives would have a greater purpose with a child of our own and after meeting with Dr. Schrepferman it solidified my decision to move forward. We chose Dr. Schrepferman for a lot of reasons, including:

  • When we did our research and saw the case studies and publications involving him, we felt more safe and secure.

  • The first time we spoke on the phone with Dr. Schrepferman, he was very honest and straightforward. He answered all of our questions and left us feeling more confident in our decision.

  • During our first office visit, his staff was very cordial and relaxed. They again answered any questions we had, gave us some vasectomy reversal statistics not just on the success of reversals in general but on Dr. Schrepferman's success rate. Dr. Schrepferman's staff is very sincere and they treat you like close friends. We knew when we left the office we had found our doctor.

Making the decision was very easy once we had all of the facts. The surgery was not difficult by any means; however, I was quite sore. I did have a complication. When I was getting into my personal vehicle after leaving the hospital I pulled something. It caused a blood clot. A few weeks of steroids and blood thinners and everything was perfectly fine. I did my sperm counts regularly as requested and it took almost a year before my counts were where Dr. Schrepferman wanted them to be.

I had the surgery in April, 2008 and in March 2009, Dr. Schrepferman called me about my count in February and he said he felt confident that we should have no issues. In August 2009 my wife got pregnant.

My advice to anyone looking into a reversal is to do your research, make sure you choose a vasectomy reversal doctor you are confident in and who truly looks at you as a person, not just as another patient. When you know what you want to do, go for it! It will be the best decision you could possibly make. Being a father is an unbelievable experience!

As you can imagine life is crazy with a newborn, but we wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Our lives have been enriched and blessed with love we have for our son and the love that he gives back. Life can be hectic and crazy but when you come home to a sweet smiling child that reaches his arms up for you to pick him up, there's no better feeling in this world!"


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