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"My husband and I married when he was 36 and I was 29. We each own our own businesses, have busy lifestyles and decided we never wanted to have children. He had already had a vasectomy during his first marriage, and I was fine with that. Things were great, and we had a wonderful marriage. But after a few years, I guess my biological clock went off. We both realized we wanted and needed to have a family. We consulted my ob/gyn, who referred us to a urologist in Louisville, who then referred us to Dr. Schrepferman to look into a vasectomy reversal.

We did a lot of research and really weighed our options. We looked into adoption, even getting started with an agency, but felt like the chances of getting a baby were slim. We considered artificial insemination, too, but we felt like the costs were too high and the outcome was too uncertain. And, of course, there is the issue of having to use a sperm donor. We were convinced that vasectomy reversal was going to be our best chance.

Working with Dr. Schrepferman and his staff was such a blessing. Everything was so positive, from the first consultation, all the way through post-surgery. For example: the day our vasectomy reversal surgery was scheduled there was a huge Farm Supply show in Louisville, and every hotel room for 60 miles was booked. So Dr. Schrepferman personally called The Inn at Jewish Hospital and talked them into opening up a room for us. What other doctor would do that?

Fortunately, my husband wasn't anxious about having the vasectomy reversal. It was a quick surgery and we were surprised at how little pain he felt afterwards. Unfortunately, the doctor was unable to reattach the pathway on one of the testicles, because there was too much scar tissue from his original vasectomy. But, he assured us that we should still be able to conceive.

Just a few months after our vasectomy reversal we started trying to conceive, I was pregnant! And I gave birth to Addison. Since I was already in my mid-thirties, we figured we better have our second right away. So six months after he was born, we tried again, and I was pregnant within a month. It all seemed like such a gamble at the time, but it was a risk worth taking. I can't say enough about Dr. Schrepferman and his vasectomy reversal staff. Honestly, I don't think there's anybody in the country that could beat him."



Husband had vasectomy reversal in 2005
Now have daughter Addison, 3, and son Canyon, 2


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