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Testimonials / Connie N.

Three children after vasectomy reversal

"My husband has had no fewer than five fertility related surgeries in the process of having his family. He's a trouper!

He had a vasectomy from another physician in Lexington in 1993. It didn't take, and he had to have it redone. He had three children from his previous wife, and figured he was done.

But then he divorced. We met, married, and decided we would like to have a family of our own together. We started shopping around for doctors to do a vasectomy reversal in Lexington, but we weren't very happy. They were too abrupt, and they refused to address me in the appointments at all. We just weren't happy with the answers we were getting. We were beginning to wonder if this was going to be harder than we thought.

Then we heard about Dr. Shep and his vasectomy reversal success, and made an appointment. It was like night and day. He was so thorough. He really took the time to get to know us. He said my husband had too much scar tissue to do a more traditional reversal, so he had to do a bypass. The reversal surgery went well, and we stayed overnight in Louisville. He had different post-operative guidelines, and the healing process went much, much better than it had before for him. Before, doctors had given him very little guidance on what to do afterwards, and I think that was part of our problem with the previous surgeries.

We got pregnant within a year, and I gave birth to Jonathan 'Cole' in 2006. We had a second child, Mattie, in 2007. We were ready to get another vasectomy for him, and went with a local Lexington physician for the procedure. It went fine, but unfortunately he didn't realize Dr. Shep had done a bypass and put the snip in the wrong area. We didn't realize it at the time but the vasectomy didn't work. We had another beautiful daughter, Kennedy Elizabeth, in 2008.

Let's just say when Dr. Shep does a job, he does it well! We went back to him to have the final vasectomy done, and this time, it was done right! I think if you take anything away from our story, it's that the quality of your physician makes all the difference. You can trust Dr. Shep. In my opinion, he's a miracle worker!"


Kennedy Elizabeth


Madeline Kendall


Jonathan Cole


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